Logging your work
Your entire team's contributions are reflected in your company ownership. Every time you contribute towards a company you gain additional ownership.
There are three ways for you and your team to gain ownership towards your business:
  1. 1.
    Logging your hours
  2. 2.
    Receiving a bonus for completing a task
  3. 3.
    Claiming an expense for spending money towards the company
The more you contribute in relation to the rest of your team, the more you own. If someone does a few hours of work towards your startup and stops contributing, they will slowly get diluted compared to the others who are engaged and working more hours. This protects all team members involved.
Early stage teams are fragile and keeping track of everyone's contributions out in the open can be a great motivator and create a transparent culture that lays the foundation for becoming a successful business.
Logging hours is the easiest way for the founding team to keep track of who owns what. Each day the Ownership app will ask you "did you work today?" Click yes and slide to the number of hours you did. Or select "took a day off."

Multiple companies

You can log work for multiple companies, see the Portfolio tab to view a list of all the companies you are contributing towards. The Portfolio tab is the best place to see the percentage of ownership for each company as a percentage and monetary value. It's also the best place to see who else is contributing to the business.
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