Inviting your team
The easiest way to invite team members to join your startup is via email. Just as you did for yourself, you need to select each team members' career level.

Contract Offer

Contract offers will be sent via email. A contract offer can be accepted or rejected. Once a contract offer is accepted that person will immidiately be able to start work on the company.

Career Level

In order to create a contract you will need to set a career level, from Junior all the way to executive. All work is assigned a value, which is determined by each team members' career level and the hours they work relative to the rest of the team. The Ownership Algorithm uses these career levels to generate a company valuation.
For more info about Career levels check out the section on People.
We advise you don't to create huge discrepancies between team members' career levels. This is so that team members feel motivated and empowered to contribute.

Joining Bonus

You can choose to give all contributors a standard joining bonus. If you want to set a custom bonus then you will need to do this once they have accepted the initial contract. You can read more about this in the section on Bonuses.

Buyout Clause

A buyout clause is the multiple by which you can buyout a contributor's ownership. For more information see the section on Buyout Clauses.