Creating your first company
Companies are containers for ideas. Think of them as a vehicle for executing your vision. From the minute you have an idea you should set up a company. By far the hardest and most important step is getting started.
When you set up your company on Ownership, it's a commitment to yourself that you'll keep working away little by little towards your vision. Ownership provides a way to hold yourself and the rest of your team accountable. Everyone in the team can see daily reminders that there is work being done and progress being made.

Creating a company

Once you're logged in, hit 'New Project', give your company a name, and you're good to go.
It will ask for your default currency, choose whichever your most familiar with, this can be changed later. All contributors on Ownership are paid in equity for their time. It means you can go further without seeking external investment.
Ownership will then ask you to select your career level. You have the choice between junior, mid level, senior, lead and executive. Every contributor will be given a career level and will be benchmarked against this. Read more about contracts here.
All contracts will be visible to the whole team so choose a level that seems fair.
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