All team members that are contributing to your business should be invited onto your company Ownership. Whether they are an advisor, co-founder, investor or intern. Each team member can earn shares in exchange for quality work.


In an Ownership company, every team member has a Contract. There are different levels of contract that you can offer to your team:
  • Junior
  • Mid Level
  • Senior
  • Lead
  • Executive
These levels are used to derive a value for each time contribution relative to the rest of the team.
The contract level is used to determine an equivilant hour rate. A contributor will generate value for every hour they work.
Each time you invite a new contributor to your team they receive a contract. This contract contains their career level and their buyout clause. Once they accept the contract they download the app and will be able to log their contributions on Ownership.
A contract can be ended by either the team member themselves (resigns) or the CEO (terminates).


The CEO contract is a special kind of contract that gives an individual admin rights over the company. This includes the abilities to:
  • edit the company info
  • offer, amend and terminate contracts
  • reject contributions.
Learn more in the CEO section.


If the team member has equity invested in the company then they will become an Investor.
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