Every day, Ownership will ask you, "did you work today?" Use the slider to indicate how many hours you worked.
Each time you log your hours you will gain ownership (equity) in the business in exchange for these hours.


You can log 1, 2 or 3 hours, a half day or a full day.
A full day is the most you are able to log in a single day. This represents seven or eight hours. We are passionate about preventing burnout and believe that if you're working 12 hours day in day out, you probably aren't doing your best work.

Time Limit

Each contributor has five days to log hours. After that time period the days can no longer be amended. Similarly the CEO can no longer amend or remove contributions past the five day window. This is to encourage team members to input their contributions right after they've done the work, so that your company captable is up-to-date.
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