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We provide next-generation companies for the next generation of founders.

Ownership is a new way to think about collaboration. We invented the Smart Company, completely redefining what it means to be a company. We want to make setting up a company so simple that anybody can do it. Free, instant and global.
Professional work has completely changed and we need new tools that can adapt to these changes. The next generation of founders won't look like the last. Teams will be more open, more agile and more diverse. We want to build the infrastructure to support them.
"Smart Companies"
"Companies owned by the workers"
"The more you work, the more you own"
"Work goes in, company comes out"
"The fully-automated company"
We're an early-stage startup, founded by Naïma Camara (CEO) and Dom Vinyard (CTO). We have a team of great contributors and advisors and we've just started fundraising to bring Ownership to the world.
Naima & Dom pitching Ownership at WebSummit


We have launched our public-beta on iOS and Android. We have a web version under development.
  • 10000+ website visitors
  • 1000+ Instagram followers
  • 250+ app downloads
  • 50+ pilot users
  • 15+ startups helping us build the product
  • 2 partnerships with accelerators
  • Booth at WebSummit in Lisbon
  • International trade mission to New York with Dept. for International Trade


Naïma Camara - CEO

Naima did her masters in US History and Politics at UCL. Former analyst at IDC. Experience helping startups grow, strategy, operations and partnerships. Published the UK's first government blockchain report in 2018.

"We started working on Ownership at the very beginning of the pandemic when we realised that work had changed forever. Entrepreneurship booms during crises, as it’s a chance for recalibration and to question the way things have always been. This time has been no different and there are 300 million founders around the world working every day to turn their visions into a reality. Founding a business offers huge opportunities for social mobility and we firmly believe teams working towards a united goal have the power to do just about anything. That’s why we’re creating infrastructure to support early-stage teams."

Dom Vinyard - CTO

Dom is a software developer and UX designer. He's spent 15 years as a freelance consultant working for and with startups in fintech, deep tech, banking, blockchain, AI, philanthropy and government. He is a mentor and teacher at Code Your Future, a charity helping refugees and asylum seekers train to be software developers.

"The gap between rich and poor, income inequality, is bigger now than at the outset of the French Revolution. History tells us that societies fall when inequality grows this large. Regimes topple, systems collapse. A revolution is already underway, it’s The Great Resignation, it's the Antiwork community on Reddit, it’s lie flat in China. It’s a coordinated set of demands like Universal Basic Income, new social contracts, equitable access to opportunity. There are no simple answers but I do know that we have a choice. We have to find new ways to collaborate, new fundamental ways of living and thriving. We need global tools to help us close the divide."

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