Co-creator Community
Entrepreneurship offers real opportunities for social mobility but finding a team and setting up a company is a massive hurdle. The next generation of founders won't look like the last. It will be more diverse, more sustainable and mission driven.
Getting a startup off the ground is no easy task and more often than not, it takes a team. In the early days of a startup, there is often little or no cash to pay someone to get you to the next milestone.
Ownership is the easiest way to get access to a professional's time now. Think of it as a professional IOU. Team members log their hours and our app calculates an estimate of how much that work is worth in ownership. You can get team members to work towards your vision in exchange for equity. You can pay them back once your business is a big success or if it's a good fit, you have a co-founder.
Since launching in 2021, we've been working with founders and professionals side-by-side to ensure we're building the right solution for their needs.
Why You Should Join Us
  • You get to help shape the future of Ownership by offering us feedback
  • You find out about new features before anyone else does
  • Many of our co-creators, are using Ownership to attract a technical co-founder, so we're giving you monthly support with our technical co-founder. He's got 20+ years experience in product, design and software development (not to mention a demonstrated ability of going from idea to deployment in tight timescales).
If you're as passionate as us about startup enablement, join us our co-creator community and help us change how teams are formed.
Book a slot in my calendar to get set up.
— Naima, Ownership CEO
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